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              Company profile

              CNP is a professional manufacturer which develops, manufactures, sells stainless steel multistage centrifugal pumps. The company is always devote to innovation and management after founded more than 20 years. The company embarked on the road of a virtuous cycle and operating in scale. The company has professional pump design and developing technicians. And formed a manufacture management, quality management and marketing management system. Company covers 128,000 squire meter, outputs 400,000 pumps annually. The pumps is applied to industrial and mining enterprises, municipal water supply, farm irrigation, petrochemical engineering, domestic water and fire water supply of high buildings, industrial water treatment, water purification, pharmaceutical industry, boiler, air-conditioning system, etc.

              Main product

              CDL series light vertical multistage centrifugal pump, CHL,CHLF series light horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, CHLK series air-condition pump, WQ series blockage-free submersible sewage pump, SJ series stainless steel deep-well submersible pump, QY series stainless steel pump conveying mixed gas and liquid. CDLK series immersion type multistage centrifugal pump, TD series in-line pump, MS single stage centrifugal pump, ZS series horizontal single stage centrifugal pump, SWB series single stage centrifugal pump, SP series non-clogging self-priming sewage pump.

              Products is advanced in the world. CHLK was certified CE verification on 2002. CDL and CHL was authorized the related to drinking water safe Chinese product conformity to health authorization certification in 2004. Our pumps was regarded as Zhejiang high technology products by Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province in May, 2005. In 2006, our pumps got Zhejiang Famous Brand Product name and National products free of inspection, our company is authorized as national key high&new technology enterprise.


              Company has great technology power with advanced equipment. Design products with advanced CAD, CFD software, etc. The company spent more than 30 million yuan to buy advanced machining and testing equipment in 2004, established first class standard workshop and product testing center. The company was authorized as high and new technology enterprise of Zhejiang Province, excellent innovation enterprise of Zhejiang Province, advanced manufacturing base of Zhejiang Province. In 2006, the company is authorized as patent model enterprise of Zhejiang Province. The company is listed in the plan of high&new product upgrading and developing by Minister of Commerce of PRC. The company is praised by Minister of Commerce of PRC, economic and trade committee of Zhejiang Province, economic and trade committee of Hangzhou.

              Quality Standard

              The quality policy of the company is Build the brand with honesty and strength, pursue perfection with innovation and making progress. The working principle is there is no best, only perfecting. The company build a perfect quality management system internally. In 2000, the company passed ISO9002 quality system certification. In 2003, passed ISO9001:2000 certification. In 2006, passed ISO14000 environmental system certification. In 2007, passed ISO100122003 measuring system certification. The company manage to optimize and distribute the company resource farthest by using advanced ERP management software.

              Widely sales net

              The company built a widely sales, service net work in China. There is office and service center in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzheng, Jinan, Nanjin, Chendu, Wuhan, Zhenzhou, Changsha, Xian, Shengxyang, Guangzhou, which produce satisfied service in time. The company has set longtime business relation with countries and regions as follows, France, Korea, Israel, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Philippine, etc. The export sales is 40% of the total sales. Nanfang Pump has built a good commercial credit in the market by improving the product quality steadily and expanding manufacturing. It is praised by domestic buyers and international buyers.

              The company is located in the north of Hangzhou, the world famous international touring city. The location is in the beautiful city with convenient traffic. We warmly welcome and expect domestic and international customers to visit our company or visit our website to choose the reliable CNP pumps.

              Enterprise video

              Tel: +86-571-88637351


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