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              • 1983

                Our chairman and enigeer attend the pump industry

              • 1991

                Nanfang was established

              • 1993

                Cooperate with Zhejiang Design Institute

              • 1995

                Nanfang established wordshop in Dongtang and be restructured to private enterprised

              • 1999

                Mission of building national brand was defined

              • 2000

                On this year, the government promulgate the Water purification project,CNP got this oppurtunity and improved the technology, R&D, service

              • 2004

                Standard production workshop was completed

              • 2007

                The new workshop was completed, it around:

              • 2009

                Establish the joint-stcok company

              • 2010

                CNP enlisted on the stock market,stock code:

              • 2011

                Enter large-medium size pump field, CNP Changhe was acquired.

                & Cooperate with TSURUMI Japan, CNP Tsurumi was acquired, produce motor and submersible seawage pump.
              • 2012

                Independent casting plant, Nanfeng Machinary was acquired.

              • 2015

                Transition Expand to environmental protection field

              • 2016

                Nanfang Pump Industry Co.,Ltd was renamed

                Nanfang Zhongjin Environment Co., Ltd.
              • 2017

                For manufacturing sector, total sales reached 2.3 billion RMB.

              Tel: +86-571-88637351


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